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About InDex


Our History

Starting as a web design company, InDex has grown to be an amazing startup community for creative individuals in the greater Atlanta area. At InDex we have went from only designing websites to planning marketing strategies, developing apps, developing user friendly websites, teaching programming skills, building startups, and designing nothingless than awesome Logos. Our team stretches across the United States of America, we are also an base for any freelancing programmers. The founder decided that all programmers should have a safe place to go in search for work and this place should always have work. As we stress our new programs, we want to startup as many new businesses this year (2018). We want to promote your creative skills or services. But not stop there, we immediately jump on your team helping you grow your business. This is what we consider the “Crawling Stage” read more below. However if you would like to jump into the “Towner Stage” that is also welcomed. Make this year the year of growth! Choose us, let’s start something new. Thanks, From us at Team InDex.


tel: 5353 35531

Technical Skills



Web Design




How Much We Charge?

  • Crawling
  • 5 Page Website
  • Logo
  • Social Media Promotions
  • Marketing Team
  • $ 99

    per month
  • Tower Pro
  • No Page Limit Website
  • Logo w/ Brand Marketing
  • Email/Social Media Marking
  • Endless Marketing/SEO Support
  • $ 175

    per month

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